Why Is Talent Management Important?

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One of the most asked questions we hear is, ‘Why is talent management important?’ In this article, we break down how and why talent management could benefit you.

We take a closer look at why talent management is important, the roles and responsibilities of a talent manager vs a talent agency, and the considerations you should be mindful of when deciding to choose your talent manager.

Responsibilities of a Talent Manager vs Talent Agency

Depending on the agency or manager, there can be a significant overlap between the roles and duties they carry out. But generally, the two fall into the following categories:

Responsibilities of a Talent Manager

1. Networks on your behalf (i.e., casting directors, designers, etc);
2. Recommends photographers, PR firms, etc;
3. Strategically guides your career
4. Helps with administrative duties

Responsibilities of a Talent Agent

1. Submits the talent for castings & auditions
2. Networks with clients and casting directors to find new opportunities
3. Negotiates terms of the contract including payment

This is far from a complete list and every agency and manager is different when it comes to their offering to clients. For more, read our previous blog article.

Why Is Talent Management Important?

Talent management can be defined as the process of methodically helping an individual grow within their industry by managing their needs and giving them the platform to succeed.

Some of the key benefits, amongst others, are:

  • Quicker career development – With an experienced talent manager working alongside you, it is truly a collaborative effort. Your hard work and dedication combined with their expertise can be imperative to the success of your career. Talent managers can take on a mentor role to ensure your career is always heading in the direction you envisaged.
  • Expert advice on building your brand – Have you ever heard the quote, ‘If I do a job in 30 minutes it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do it in 30 minutes?’ The wealth of knowledge that your selected talent manager encompasses can help you navigate around the pitfalls and get straight to the valuable information and experience they spent years accumulating to serve you.
  • Better and more prestigious bookings due to network/reputation – Having a talent manager who can leverage their network can give you instant credibility in the eyes of decision-makers. These relationships can open doors and be great bargaining tools when scouting for new opportunities that you feel you would be best suited for.
  • More time to spend on what matters – When you have a talent manager working for you, you can rest assured that everything that requires tending to is being taken care of. That allows you to utilise your time with things that truly matter to you – like refining your skills.

Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Talent Manager

Arguably, talent managers are critical to the success of their clients. Whatever you decide is right for you, here are three questions to ask yourself when deciding on your next talent manager:

  1. Are they trustworthy?
  2. Do you work well with them?
  3. Are they someone who believes in you and your talents?

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