Key Steps to Improving Your Business – All You Need to Know

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Owning a successful business is a great achievement that requires a lot of initial hard work. However, once a business is up and running and showing signs of success, the hard work is certainly not over.

Business owners are often looking for ways to improve their business as they move forward – the taste of success can whet one’s appetite for more… So how can you improve your business?

In this article, we discuss some of the steps you can take to try to improve your business.

1. Sound business processes

Step number one: does your business have effective processes for smooth day-to-day running? It may sound like a question that dictates a “yes of course” response, but it is a vital one to ask.

A business will have many processes it regularly engages with such as, for example, how a complaint is dealt with, the manner in which clients are contacted and how invoices are generated

Business processes can be formal such as ones that have been set out purposely and with care requiring documentation, as well as informal ones such as processes a business owner has created like how they take minutes of meetings.

Whatever the business processes might be for your business is it important to establish whether or not they are working effectively. This will require you to personally review them and make changes where necessary in order to improve your business.

2. Keeping on top of your finances

It is crucial as a business owner to ensure that you are in the know when it comes to the current state of your business finances. And by current, we mean exactly that.

You should know daily where things stand and what your cash flow is, and if maths is your sore point then make sure you have an accountant, involving them heavily in the business if need be.

You do not need us to tell you that with a clear idea of how your business finances stand, you can make informed decisions moving forward and therefore, continually improve your business rather than make mistakes that could have the opposite effect.

For more on managing your finances, check out our previous post, “How to Organise & Structure Your Business’ Finances“.

3. Fine-tuned branding

Branding is key for a successful business so in order to improve a business, business owners may want to revisit their branding and ensure that it communicates what their business is about and the message they want to give to customers.

This can include ensuring that your business logo is suitable or revisiting your website design or content. Part of this can also be ensuring that you as a business owner know what your business stands for.

Brand personality is a way to improve your business too and for smaller businesses that may not have resources to throw at branding, show them you instead!

You can do this by, for example, writing a blog or including a background to how you formed your business on your ‘About Us’ page on your website. This helps your customers to relate to you and hopefully, therefore, your business which could help to then improve it.

4. Marketing, marketing, marketing!

Yes, with an abundance of social media on our doorsteps, there is no excuse for a lack of marketing in your business.

Social media allows marketing at little cost and little risk, allowing you to improve your business social presence.

In this day and age, it would be fair to find a customer questioning why your business does not have a social media presence or where it does, why it is quiet and low profile.

In order to improve a business further, business owners may want to introduce extra marketing methods to attract attention to their business and where they do it is wise to test new ones first to assess which works best before taking the plunge and moving forward with any of them.

5. Lead, engage and communicate

If you are a business owner who has others working for you or with you, it is important that you show leadership and that you engage well with those working with you. It is your business which you want to improve, so take charge and bring others on board with you.

Where you have targets you want to be met, communicate these effectively. Ensure that those you work with understand what your business is about and why it does what it does the way it does. Improving your business is likely to be easier if you have gained the trust of those around you.

Where your business is drawing upon the skills of others, take time to assess that those people are using the skills they can best give to your business and engage in regular communication with those you work with, being ready for constructive feedback to help you improve your business.

6. Reach high by setting goals

In order to improve your business in the long-term, as a business owner, you need to have an idea of where you are heading with your business and what the goals are you need to meet to take you there.

Setting goals will not only help you reach where you want to be but it will help you set a timeframe for it and give you a sense of achievement throughout the day-to-day running your business, allowing you to reflect on how it has improved.

Do be mindful of flexibility though. Dates for specific goals do not need to be set in stone as running a business can be an unpredictable journey where there may be times where you have to revisit goals due to unforeseen events or even adjust the exact idea you had such as, for example, where new competition enters your market.

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