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Cue Talent Advisory is a business & lifestyle management company, aiding individuals in the implementation and management of their business or proposed business idea.

Our service provides an ‘A-B’ guide on how to ensure your business reaches its potential. In addition, our lifestyle management service fulfils the purpose of assisting clients with any personal or day-to-day requirements.

We oversee your financial future with expert advice, backed by years of success. Our strategy ensures your financial position sees consistent growth; your accounts’ health is paramount to us.

Whether you require help with your tax return or help with arranging and booking travel arrangements; with tailored packages available for all clients, Cue Talent Advisory is ready to help.




Our proven systems & processes allow us to carry out your duties in the most efficient and logical manner.


We believe in doing the little things well – every time. We diligently work with our clients to ensure their prosperity. 


 We’re on hand for all your needs, whenever you need it, so you can focus on being creatives.

Our Founder

Chuks Emeruwa

Founder & Business Entrepreneur

Being a sole business owner or entrepreneur can be challenging – even at the best of times. There’s a fine balance to be struck between growing your business efficiently whilst also keeping up with all its vital, day-to-day activities.


That’s why I founded Cue Talent Advisory.


Our four bespoke services are designed to mitigate the common difficulties companies and entrepreneurs face whilst expanding their enterprise. Having worked alongside influential individuals across several industries, we have a wide-ranging network that we leverage for our clients’ needs.


We’re here for you at all times. Whether it’s getting a better understanding of your tax situation, managing your invoices, or getting a holiday package sorted, Cue Talent Advisory has you covered.

What do people say?

My personal experience dealing with CTA has been second-to-none. Chuks has been our music management company’s business manager for around 2 years, and over that period he’s dealt with us in a professional manner at all times; whether it be invoicing, setting up accounts or general advice. He’s definitely helped us manage our business at the highest of levels, gain valuable business knowledge, make good decisions and grow into the self-made CEOs we’re becoming. I’d definitely recommend CTA’s services - I think anyone would be blessed to have them as an asset within their set up!
Stay Solid Music Management
Music management company
CTA have been working with me for about 3 years now and have helped me in more ways than one. The consistent reviews & reminders over my finances have been detailed and well-kept; in case I ever need to revisit anything. I’d definitely recommend anybody looking for their finances to be properly assessed and structured in a way where everything is covered perfectly with no mishaps. The hard work and careful analysis has shown itself through the course of CTA being appointed to oversee and manage my business affairs while keeping on top of my accounts too.
Platinum selling music artist
Music Artist
I am very pleased with CTA's service. They have helped me make the correct decisions and supported me through arrears and debts I had to deal with prior to my tax receipt. I would highly recommend young, hardworking & ambitious people to trust this service because not many are able to understand or guide their clients in the way CTA do. Overall, I am a happy customer and appreciate all the hard work from the team.
Top 20 Album Artist
Music Artist
I would recommend CTA’s services to someone like myself or someone who just needs a bit of guidance - or a helping hand should I say - to point them in a direction they aren’t familiar with. For example, from when I first came to CTA - to now - the gems I’ve been given have allowed me to figure out the things I need to put into place to succeed and grow my business. I would for sure recommend CTA’s services.
Trainer selling business

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